OuT At Home
An in-home therapeutic service for LGBTQIA youth and families

Out at Home is an outpatient, in-home clinician and therapeutic support service for LGBTQIA youth and their families. The program is operated in coordination with Waltham House, The Home’s group home for LGBTQIA youth.

Out at Home uses Waltham House’s 20+ years of expertise in therapeutic and clinical services to support youth and their families in an outpatient setting. This outpatient approach brings resources to youth that enable them to stay at home and strengthen their relationships with their family.

Primary Goals of Out at Home:

      • Offer in-home, clinical, and therapeutic services to keep youth in their home environments and communities
      • Offer youth and families the support they need to strengthen their relationships
      • Provide education for youth and families regarding LGBTQIA identities
      • Support youth in developing life skills
      • Explore and connect youth and families to LGBTQI community resources and supports
      • Support LGBTQIA youth and families in reaching their full potential and building continuing relationships.

The Services We Offer

      • Individual in-home clinical therapy sessions for LGBTQIA youth with a licensed social worker
      • In-home clinical therapy sessions for LGBTQIA families and their youth
      • Life skills support and community resource connections
      • Trauma informed therapeutic approaches
      • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Out at Home conducts sessions with a licensed social worker in the comfort of youth and family’s home. This helps support those experience anxiety or discomfort when outside of the home.

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