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Chloe* Finds Her Connections

girl-1711132_640.jpgAt five years old, most children’s biggest adjustment is starting kindergarten. Chloe not only started kindergarten, she and her sister Sofia were removed from their home because of the extreme domestic violence they were exposed to and severe neglect.

Chloe struggled in the child welfare system at first. The blue-eyed girl had a sassy streak and was a bundle of energy. Combined with the trauma that came with the years of neglect she endured, Chloe was a handful, and bounced through at least four different foster homes.

The Home’s intensive foster care team worked with Chloe for two years, placing her with an experienced foster parent. Chloe used her feisty attitude to have her voice heard in The Home’s permanency work with her. The Home’s permanency initiative focuses on a child’s long term, forever connection to a positive adult while simultaneously delivering the necessary behavioral and mental health services. Chloe made it clear to everyone that would listen she wanted to be with Sofia, her big sister… her protector. Her clinician from The Home’s Intensive Foster Care program made it a priority for Chloe and Sofia to visit regularly with one another. And when Chloe would mention her biological mom, appropriate visits and phone calls would be scheduled.

Chloe settled in well with her foster mom from The Home. She excelled in first and second grade and made friends at school and church. This was all while her Permanency Plan was coming together. The child’s voice was at the center of that plan with high priority focused on reunifying Chloe and Sofia.

Earlier this year an adoptive family was found that would take both girls. Chloe was in disbelief. She was going to get to see Sofia every day! There were concerns, what about her school, her friends, her foster mom. The Home’s social worker, Chloe’s pre-adoptive parents and her foster mom had a thoughtfully planned transition plan. Chloe’s pre-adoptive parents attended church with her and her foster mom. They helped Chloe with her homework at her foster mom’s kitchen table. The foster mom even taught Chloe’s pre-adoptive parents how to do Chloe’s hair, always in two tight French braids with colored elastics. For the first time, Chloe was seeing the adults in her life working together for a common goal, her happiness.

Just last month, Chloe officially moved into her pre-adoptive home with her big sister. Although she was sad leaving her foster mom, Chloe shared she was relieved, “NO MORE MOVES!” The Home was able to close Chloe’s case and her adoption will hopefully be finalized later this year.

*Names and identifying information have been changed to protect our clients


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The Home has had 32 foster homes in 2019.


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