‘Twas the holiday season of a sad and strange year,
Still, friends of The Home would spread joy, love and cheer.

Though the Toy Room was closed, children wrote out their lists.
And kind people like you pledged to assist.

Soon thousands of gift cards came in by post,
So families and kids could get what they wanted most.

EVERY wish was granted because you were there,
THANK YOU for the gift of hope—and for showing you care.

Please check back next Fall for more info on Big Wishes! 



 What we collected:
BigWishes2016_star.png Over $200,000 in gift cards were processed
BigWishes2016_star.png 2,291 wishes were fulfilled
BigWishes2016_star.png 1,284 needs were fulfilled
 Who we served:
BigWishes2016_star.png 305 families were adopted through Adopt a Family
BigWishes2016_star.png Over 1,140 children were granted wishes
BigWishes2016_star.png Hundreds of additional children and family members were served from the general donations
 Who helped make Big Wishes 2020 a success:
BigWishes2016_star.png 504 Adopt a Family donors
BigWishes2016_star.png Hundreds of general donors
BigWishes2016_star.png Hundreds of HFLW staff





Thank you to our partnersUpdated-Dec.png