Gifts of Stock

A gift of appreciated securities provides increased value to The Home at a decreased cost to you.

Other benefits include:

      • A charitable income tax deduction for the fair market value of the gift securities.
      • Elimination of capital gains tax that would ordinarily become due if you had sold the appreciated securities on the open market and donated the proceeds of the sale to The Home.

Stock Transfer Instructions

If you would kindly observe the following procedure, we will be able to handle your gift in the most efficient and accurate manner for all concerned.

      1. Call or email Brianna Spencer notifying us of your intention to make a transfer, the stock being transferred and the number of shares being transferred.
      2. Provide your broker with the following information regarding The Home for Little Wanderers' Gift Account at RBC Dain Rauscher:
      3. DTC Code: 235
        Gift Account Number: 30079608
        Tax Identification Number: 04-2104764

        Matthew R. Williams
        Financial Advisor
        RBC Wealth Management
        9 Trafalgar Square STE 200
        Nashua, NH 03063
        Phone: 603-577-4908
        Fax: 603-577-4959


Before initiating a transfer, or if you or your broker have any questions, please contact:


Brianna Spencer, Manager, Development Operations

By Mail
Attn: Development
The Home for Little Wanderers
10 Guest Street
Boston, MA 02135